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Ad Hoc Specification Committee on Steel Pan (1989):
"Proposal for a Trinidad and Tobago Standard - Glossary of Terms Relating to the Steel Pan. TTS 1 45 000.", Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards.
Achong, Anthony (2013)
Secrets of the Steelpan: Unlocking the Secrets of the Science, Technology, Tuning of the Steelpan. ISBN: 9781483634852. Order from: XLibris.
Blake, Felix I. R.
The Trinidad and Tobago Steel Pan: History and Evolution. ISBN 0-952-52280-9 (hc). Order from: 16 Leybourne Street, London NW1 8BX.
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"The Physics of Musical Instruments", ISBN 0-387-96947-0. Springer-Verlag, New York.
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"Forty Years in the Steelbands. 1939-1979." Edited by Roy D. Thomas. Karia Press, 41 Rheola Close, London N17 9 TR. ISBN 1-85465-034-3 Pb.
Grant, Cy (1999):
Ring of Steel - Pan Sound and Symbol. Macmillan Education, London. 1999. ISBN 0-333-66128-1. 128pp. Price £15. A book on the history, culture and development of pan.
Gray, John (2015):
Carnival, Calypso and Steel Pan - A Bibliographic Guide to Popular Music of the English-speaking Caribbean and its Diaspora.
African Diaspora Press. ISBN: 9780984413454. Price: $124.95. 496 pages. Pub. Date: March 2015.
Johnson, Kim (2021):
The Illustrated Story of Pan, 2nd ed.
The Illustrated Story of Pan, Second Edition is the definitive story of Pan – the instrument, the music, the steelbands and their social, cultural and political history, from the earliest days to the present.
Hundreds of photos and pioneers’ verbatim accounts never before published, stories of adventure and discovery, of love and danger, have been threaded along the author’s narrative to produce this monumental epic of musicians and scientists, street fighters and politicians, schoolteachers and their students, promoters and activists, but mostly ordinary people who achieved extraordinary things.
Johnson, Kim:
Renegades!: The History of the Renegades Steel Orchestra of Trinidad & Tobago
ISBN 0-333-73311-8. Editors: Helene Bellour and Milla Riggion. Photography: Jeffrey Chock.
Renegades! tells the story of the steelband movement in words and images, focusing especially on the history of one which, perhaps more than any other, has come to symbolise the success of steelband music: The Renegades.
Kronman, Ulf (1992):
Steel Pan Tuning - a Handbook for Steel Pan Making and Tuning.
Part of the series: Musikmuseets skrifter, ISSN 0282-8952.
Fully published on the net Here presented in full format, including pictures and drawings. Hypertext presentation done by the author, with courtesy of the publisher, Musikmuseet in Stockholm, Sweden.
Molineaux, Othello (1988):
Beginning Steel Drum. ISBN: 0-89724-973-9. 48 pp. paperback, includes CD and poster.
Morin, Francine L. (1988):
"A Descriptive Study of a Canadian Elementary Educator's Experience with the Trinidad Tradition of Steelband", University of North Dakota.
Olsen, Kristofer W. (2016):
Molten Steel: The Sound Traffic of the Steelpan. A dissertation presented to the faculty of the College of Fine Arts of Ohio University. A PDF version of the dissertation may be downloaded here:
Sandiford, Simeon L. (1987):
"Steel Bands of Trinidad and Tobago" - An information folder included with the CD-album F/CD 8201 from Delos International Inc., 2210 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 664, Santa Monica, CA 90403.
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Steelpan Playing With Theory. ISBN 0-9686188-0-4.
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Poco a Poco (Step by Step). ISBN 978-0-9686188-2-0.
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Steel Pan Orchestra | Virtual Museum Curator Tour
Learn more about the resilient history of the steel pan in this Virtual Visit with Global Musical Instrument Museum curator Daniel Piper.
The birth of the steel drum - presented by Kevin Martin at TEDxChesterRiver
Kevin Martin, musician and instructor, has a passion. For years, he has been studying, performing with, composing for, and building the only instrument created in the 20th century: the steel drum. Kevin's talk and performance gives us insight into the social history, the musical potential, and the future of this melodic, percussive instrument.
Music from Oil Drums (1956)
The film presents Pete Seeger (who wrote a manual for playing steel drums) visiting steel drums makers and players in trinidad.
Kim Loy Wong interviewed by Pete Seeger
In the early 1940s, Kim Loy Wong was a member of the first teenage steelband in Trinidad, East Side Kids. He later moved on to other steelbands before starting the HiLanders in the 1950s. In 1956, while with the HiLanders, he was approached by famous US folklore singer, Peter Seeger, who was interested in how the steelpan was made. [Information about Kim Loy Wong supplied by "Best of Trinidad".]
Ellie Mannette - Father of the Modern Steel Drum
Smithsonian Folklife Festival has published a Youtube video where pan pioneer Ellie Mannette presents his involvement in the beginnings of pan.
Ellie Mannette, born in Trinidad in 1927, is considered "the father of the modern steel drum." Mannette worked for 75 years to develop and popularize the steel drum, creating seven of the ten instruments used in steel drum bands today.
Videography by Charles Weber, John Wetmore, Marinna Guzy, Michael Headley, Andrea Curran. Edited by Julia Narrow. Published on YouTube 19 Apr 2013
Steel Pan Drum Modern Manfacturing
A modern way of making the Steel Drum/Pan that was invented in Trinidad & Tobago in the 1930's. Submitted by VibesTube.
Making a Steel Drum Steel Pan Tenor Pan - video by IsDePanInMe

Nickname IsDePanInMe has published a YouTube video showing the making of a tenor pan, where a young Ray Holman describes the set-up of the notes on the Tenor Pan.

How To Make Your Own Steel Drum by David Beery, Smarty Pans

A 60 minute step by step 'how to' VIDEO "How To Make Your Own Steel Drum" (#V1010). Hosted by David Beery, owner of Smarty Pans.

This unprecedented 60 minute 'how to' video shows the entire process of how to make a professional single tenor pan in 18 simple steps.

Includes information on finding a barrel, shaping, sinking, tuning, chroming and much more. Visit at:

The Rhythm in Steel
A full-length film (1h 15 mins) presenting the story of a retired doctor sailing in the West Indies, who discovers the origins of the steel pan. Contains some interesting information regarding the building of pans and their history.
Web Sites dedicated or related to Steel Pan
Steel pan educator Gaye's Web Site on Steel Pans
Steel pan educator Gaye from Jamaica has set up an informative web site on steel pans at
This is how she describes the site:
Got questions about the steel pan (steel drums)? Or are you just curious about this new and innovative instrument? is your one-stop resource for tips and information on how to play the steel pans, its history, how they are made and much more!
When Steel Talks - website on Pan In New York
When Steel Talks is dedicated to pan worldwide with particular emphasis on Pan In New York. The purpose is to highlight the genius and beauty of the instrument, its music and the people who play, support, and love this artform without compromise.
Steelbandszene Schweiz
A Swiss site for Bands, Sound, Gigs, and Pan-News maintained by Martin Baggenstos
Pan Jumbie
Daily Pan News from Switzerland
Classical solo steelpan by Sune Borregaard
Sune Borregaard has made som very nice solo recordings of Bach sonatas on his alto (double tenor) pan, tuned by Rudy Smith.
Facebook pages and groups dedicated or related to Steel Pan
When Steel Talks
When Steel Talks is dedicated to pan worldwide. It is a Basement Recordings, Inc. initiative designed to promote and educate the global community on, the culture of the Steelband.
Steel Pan Around The World (Closed group)
Steel Pan Around The World is a private facebook group for discussions among Pan Players from around the world, created 2013, presently listing 3200 members.